Buy to Let Remortgage

Looking to Save Money? or Release Equity? or Consolidate your Debts? or Exit Bridging Finance?

Bespoke Finance are Buy to Let Specialists here to help you whatever your needs and requirements to find the best Buy to Let Remortgage – best rate or lowest cost.

Buy to Let is an investment our specialists are here to help you get the best remortgage to increase your rental yield, get those margins up to make more profit from your investments. We can also help you leverage your properties to a high loan to value releasing funds to invest in other projects (up to 85% LTV).

Mortgage advice can be particularly important in the context of buy to let remortgage. An experienced adviser will have the in-depth market knowledge to help you find the most suitable mortgage. Free Valuation and Free Legals may be attractive – let us help you differentiate incentives to best best mortgage over the initial term.

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FAQ on Buy to Let Remortgages

Can I remortgage to buy to let?

Yes. You can remortgage your residential property to a Buy to Let mortgage. If you are planning on moving out to another property.
This is regularly done if people are moving up the property ladder, moving in with a partner or moving for work.

How to remortgage a buy to let property ?

It is the same process as purchase mortgage, except that the deposit funds are typically already in the property as “equity”.
You simply call a good mortgage broker ( 08009202001) and provide the property and your details; such as who is the current mortgage lender.
Your mortgage advisor will find the best mortgage lender for you (either a new lender or your current one) and arrange for them to finance the property – doing so the lender will repay the current lender, add a 1st charge on the property (and if you have more equity than the LTV pay you the difference).

Can I consolidate my debts via my Buy to Let Property ?

Some lenders do allow you to release equity from your Buy to Let property to use the funds for other purposes. That being to consolidate debts or even renovate the property or your home.

Can I remortgage my Buy to Let within 6 months of purchase?

The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has guidance to lenders to prevent remortgages within six months. Luckily a select minority of lenders will conciser remortgaging a property WITHIN six months of purchase. This is especially useful when exiting Bridging Finance or if you used your Savings to purchase the property.
Bespoke Finance are Buy to Let Specialists and help people remortgage within six months regularly – your ordinary broker may say “no” if they are not aware of Buy to Let Lenders criteria.

Can I remortgage my buy to let with Bad Credit?

This depends on how recent, how sevear and what you bad credit was on. It is significantly difficult if the Bad Credit is within six months, it is significantly difficult if it was a CCJ or Bankrupcy compared to a missed payment and it is significantly more difficult if the bed credit arose due to a mortgage.
However recent or severe, give one of our advisors a call to discuss your options.

Can I get an Interest Only Buy to Let Remortgage?

Yes! Interest Only Buy to Let Mortgages are not only available they are the preferred repayment type for Landlords. Unlike residential mortgages they are readily available.

Do you have Fee Free Buy to Let Remortgages?

Yes! We have mortgages that can include Free Conveyancing or Fee Application or Free Legals.
These are “incentives” offered by mortgage lenders but our advisors can assist you in comparing mortgages with incentives and the best low cost mortgage over the term or initial term.

Can I remortgage my Buy to Let at my age?

We have mortgage lenders that will allow you to remortgage up to 125 years (at the end of mortgage term).