70% Buy to Let Mortgage

Some of the Best 70% Buy to Let purchase Mortgages products available, are a phone call away.

The Best 70% Buy to Let Mortgages for you will depend on your circumstances. Some property investors prefer competitive fixed rate so that they know what their outgoings will be; for others, the lowest rate is the most important for their yield.

With direct access to the whole mortgage market you dont just get a choice of The Mortgage Works or BM Solutions mortgages – we’re a big supporters of new entrants such as Fleet Mortgages and Metro Bank – Bespoke Finance will find the best buy to let mortgage for your needs and requirements.

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70% Loan to Value Ratio

The Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio is a financial term used to express the ratio of loan to the determined value of an asset purchased.

70% Mortgage

A mortgage lender will provide finance up to 70% of the value of the property, the value is determined by the mortgage lenders selected valuer.

The valuation of a property is typically determined by a RICS Valuer determining along with the LTV the LIMIT a lender will offer. If the Purchase Price (what you offer) is lower than the RICS Valuation the LTV will be based on Purchase Price not the Valuation.

30% Deposit

You will require a deposit of 30% of the determined RICS Valuation.

Deposit from Savings The preferred and most widely used form of Deposit is from your savings. A mortgage lender will typically require evidence of savings built up over time in your bank account. In some instances a lender may allow partial gifted deposit from close family – the lender will still require partial deposit from your own savings alongside the Gift. Lenders do not allow “loaned deposits” it must be gifted.

Deposit from Equity Some lenders allow you to raise funds from releasing Equity from other properties such as other Buy to Let Properties or your Residential Home. The funds can be raised via ReMortgage or 2nd Charge Loan, alternatively a minority of lenders allow cross charges in which they will themselves place a 2nd charge on an existing property to fund the deposit.